Getting a new website should be a good thing for your business, as it allows customers to find out more about you whilst learning about the services you have to offer.  If you get the design wrong, however, you may end up losing customers!  Here is how to avoid making common web design mistakes:

  1. Keep the text readable – make the background light and the text dark for optimum readability
  2. Limit the amount of animations and sounds – music which plays automatically is so annoying, and auto playing videos also turn people off.
  3. Contact info needs to be easy to find and clear – this is how people can trust you are a genuine company!
  4. Content needs to be updated regularly – this shows both your audience and Google that your site is active
  5. Space out the text appropriately to allow for easier reading.  It is difficult enough to read on screen, so make it easier by splitting large chunks of text up.